Gr2 titanium anode baskets for electroplating and water treatment

Gr2 titanium anode baskets for electroplating and water treatment

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We could supply all kinds of size Titanium Basket for electroplating industry. An electroplating Titanium basket including a Titanium lath , Titanium mesh plate,Titanium link.

Electroplating is a process whereby a coating is deposited onto a substrate by passing a DC current between the anode and the cathode. The metal that is to be plated is dissolved in the electrolyte (carefully chosen to ensure anode passivation does not occur). The anode is anodically polarised and the cathode (the component to be electroplated) is cathodically polarised. This forms a closed cell.

1) Toughness, light weight,Stability dimension
2) Lower electricity consumption, high catalytic
3) Strong corrosion resistance, long working life
4) High property of acid and alkali resistance,
5) Bear high & low temperature, etc.


Item name Titanium basket
Mesh hole size 6*3 mm, 5*4 mm, 8*4mm, 10*5mm, 12.5*4.5mm
Production Method Cutting, welding, bending
Applications Electroplating industry etc.
(1)Precious metal plating(Ag, Au, Rh, Pd)
(2)Hard chrome plating(Cr6+)
(3)Base metal plating(Cu, Zn, Ni)
(4)Precious metal recovery, etc.