Pure Gr1 Gr2 Titanium basket

Pure Gr1 Gr2 Titanium basket

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 1) Toughness, light weight,Stability dimension
2) Lower electricity consumption, high catalytic
3) Strong corrosion resistance, long working life
4) High property of acid and alkali resistance,
5) Bear high & low temperature, etc.

Production Method Cutting, welding, bending
Applications Electroplating industry, such as
(1)Precious metal plating(Ag, Au, Rh, Pd)
(2)Hard chrome plating(Cr6+)
(3)Base metal plating(Cu, Zn, Ni)
(4)Precious metal recovery, etc


Item name Titanium anode basket for electroplating
Material Pure Gr1 or Gr2 titanium
Mesh Hole Size 6*3 mm, 5*4 mm, 8*4mm, 10*5mm, 12.5*4.5mm
Manufacturing method Cut, Bent, Welded
Applications Electroplating industry
Lead Time 7-15 days